Rehabilitative Adolescent Program (RAP, LLC) is a Limited Liability Company which has been providing intensive in-community services since September 2004. RAP, LLC is the parent company of ASAPP Healthcare, Inc., a New Jersey non-profit corporation and Amethyst Counseling Services, LLC which conducts outpatient counseling. We contract and provide services in all of New Jersey’s 21 counties.

RAP, LLC and ASAPP Healthcare Inc. are community based intensive, in-home behavioral health services. We are dedicated to providing quality mental and behavioral healthcare services to children. These individually prescribed services are tailored to meet the unique needs of each child. All treatment care and support services are provided in a context that is child centered, family-focused, strength based, culturally competent and responsive to each child’s psychosocial, developmental and treatment care needs. Therapy is generally short-term and solution-focused, utilizing a child and family centered wraparound approach. We are committed to meeting our children” where they are” and accordingly, all services are provided in the community or home with the aim being to keep the children well integrated in the community. We concentrate our services to assist “at-risk” children and youth who have been involved with or have a high probability of future involvement with out-of-home placement, psychiatric hospitalization, substance abuse, sex offenses, JJC involvement and out of school placement. Our goal is to provide strength based, client oriented, cognitive behavioral therapy and education to individuals so they can acquire the appropriate skills needed to overcome any obstacles that they are facing in their lives.

Currently, we service the children referred to us by the Division of Child Behavioral Health Services (DCBHS) and have established Memorandum of Understandings (MOU) with most of NJ’s Care Management Organizations (CMO), Youth Case Management (YCM), Division of Youth and Family services (DYFS), Value Options (VO) and Mobile Response Stabilization Services (MRSS).  We also have been working with the county of Cumberland with the Youth Services Advisory Council (YSAC) and have been awarded two separate grants to provide counseling and treatment for adjudicated “Juvenile Sex Offenders” and another to provide mentoring to children of Cumberland county.  We been given the opportunity to provide mental health consultation and educational intervention planning for their 15 “HEAD Start” programs.  RAP, LLC has developed and initiated many after school programs such as the “Shaolin School of Life” in June 2006 and “Mokshaa”, a Dance Academy, in March 2007.  Our outpatient referrals come from New Jersey’s Courts, Parole, Probation, PTI, DYFS, Judges, IDRC and many are self referred. We are working on a statewide contract with New Jersey parole and Behavioral Intervention (BI) to provide mental health and substance abuse treatment to parolees.  Our outpatient sector accepts third party reimbursement via insurance and payments are based on the sliding scale fee.