"My child's therapist helped end the chaos in our family and restored peace to our household." - Tanya J.

"Our behavioral assistant helped our son open up when no one else could. He was there for my son whenever he needed help. His grades improved, he was more respectful and and he actually listened to me for the first time in months!" - Jorge B.

"Our prayers were answered! My daughter's therapist believed in her when everyone else had given up on her!" - Bryan S.
  1. Call NJ Child Behavioral Health Services/Value Options to request service 877-652-7624
  2. Give required info - regarding your child's/client's needs
  3. Request RAP LLC/ASAPP Healthcare to come out and complete a StrengthNeeds Assessment and make recommendations
  4. Call RAP/ASAPP Healthcare to advice us that a request for service has been made:
  5. Interview - Initial assessment will be scheduled and conducted by a certified therapist/clinician
  6. In-Home/Community Service - Once authorized, services will begin (Process can take up to 2 weeks)

We are dedicated to providing quality social, mental and behavioral healthcare services to all age groups. Our programs are designed to execute quality care for individuals and families.
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